Our Story

As the parents of 2 avid youth archers, a left handed girl and a right handed boy, we experienced first hand the difficulty in finding quality equipment that our kids enjoyed and were successful in shooting.  Our kids enjoyed and explored all aspects of archery; hunting, 3D and target archery competitions/tournaments.  My daughter settled for whatever used left handed bow we could find on archery talk and my son spent the year asking other competitors to see if he could try shooting their bow to determine what bow he wanted to buy.

Young Guns Archery, LLC would like to help both the youth bow hunter and the youth competition shooter in choosing quality archery equipment.  Our mobile trailer will travel to 2017 ASA and Scholastic 3D archery tournaments in AL, GA, TX, KY, IL, as well as, local Ohio archery pro shops, hunter safety classes and/ or Dayton Metro Park youth hunter qualifications.

We will give our youth the opportunity to shoot youth dimensioned bows from our sponsors to help them evaluate what bow to purchase.  This will drive sales for our sponsors and give our archery parents the piece of mind that they purchased the bow the will work for their son or daughter.